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There Is Finally A Dupe of the Musier Paris Cardigan (Plus Some Orseund Iris Dupes)

peasant blouse with gold necklace

Musier, the brand founded by Paris-vibes fashion influencer AnneLaure Mais Moreau, has officially been duped. The offender: British fast-fashion giant ASOS.

Musier has distilled the 2010’s Instagram French aesthetic and summarized it in a capsule line. What makes this made in Paris brand stand apart is the easy, lightweight pieces in a niche that can easily become stuffy, and the way AnneLaure plays with muted color.

ASOS, in contrast, has an extensive inventory, stocking its own brands like ASOS White, fast fashion brands with little brand name recognition like Collusion, and fast-fashion brands with their own established websites. Most recently, they began a partnership with the fast-fashion brand with a cult following: & Other Stories.

So it’s no surprise that ASOS has the bandwidth to dupe more niche mid-range brands like Musier. The most recent adaptations are two dupes: two cardigans markedly similar to the Musier Cardigan Clara, Cardigan Carla, and Cardigan Carlotta (all the same cardigan in different colors because Musier is fake deep/witty but in a pain in the a*s way not unlike the soft boy). One of the dupe cardigans is short sleeved while the other features long sleeves.

What makes the Musier cardigan unique is the pearl buttons. They tease and beckon, showing just enough skin to be slightly scandalous but not enough to show much of anything. Just like my online personality. The Musier cardigan comes in baby blue, light pink, and white.

The ASOS imitations lack the same tension you can see in the Musier piece: the buttons don’t look as though they are about to pop. But they are decent dupes nonetheless. The ASOS long-sleeved cardigans comes in lavender, black and white. The short-sleeved versions come in lime, lilac, and black. It is on sale in lime.

Another fashion victim to the fast-fashion machine? Orseund Iris: also duped by ASOS. What Musier and Orseund Iris have in common is that they drop key pieces and leave them there for longer than many brands. Musier unveils a new collection every two months while Orseund Iris pieces stick around for seasons. These classic pieces have gained mythic notoriety season over season, their popularity causing an inevitable funneling down to the mass-produced level. Orseund Iris has been worn by seemingly every fashion influencer including Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid.

Orseund Iris was founded by Lana Johnson, and in 2018, the brand struck up a partnership with Net-a-Porter. Lana believes in making fashion simple and season-less. She has succeeded by creating Victorian-reminiscent, bosom-bearing bouffants of fabric: there are plenty of puff sleeves. ASOS chose to stock dupes of the Orseund Iris Princess Top and Victorian Cotton Top. One dupe is made by ASOS DESIGN, the other by Bershka.

Orseund Iris “Princess Top” $595
Orseund Iris “Victorian Cotton Top” $445

What the dupes get right is the basic style of the garments. What they lack is quality of fit, which is what makes the designer pieces swoon-worthy. More specifically, the dupe of the Princess Top is missing the laces on the seam of the sleeve entirely. The exaggerated puff shoulder and cinched in sleeves below the elbow are barely there in the dupe. The dupe of the Victorian Cotton Top has an added cinch at the elbow, is missing the cuff, and has added gathering below the bust.

My outfit: I’m wearing a Reformation Top that’s no longer available. Similar here.

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