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How To Style A Gingham Skirt: The Loewe Skirt You’d Give Up Cigarettes For


This Loewe skirt is a dream: it’s so unique and I can’t imagine it would go out of style. It’s simply something I haven’t seen done this season but still fits into the peasant girl/milkmaid trend. Its merits are also the reason why it poses a greater styling challenge. This skirt will go great with items that don’t have too much going on on top. And since this skirt is so feminine, we definitely need to add some edge. A band tee does the trick but so would a bodysuit with a laced up open back or with a double asymmetric strap: something very 2000s matrix reminiscent adds a nice contrast. For shoes, I wanted to shy away from heels: they’re predictable and risk being too feminine. Some chunky sandals add a bit of balance. Finish off with gold jewelry. A simple chain complements the “edge” of the band tee.

Though Loewe is a Spanish brand, their namesake is German. It was founded by an artist collective of Spanish leather craftsmen in 1846 but gained its name when German Enrique Loewe Roessberg joined the operation in 1876. Loewe has existed under the ownership of luxury giant LVMH since 1996 and Jonathan Anderson (founder of JW Anderson) is at the helm as creative director.

Unlike brands like Helmut Lang, since Lang retired, that parrot trends, Loewe’s strategy has been to create new trends which has resulted in slow but monumental growth. José Pérez de Rozas expanded the brand from leather work to ready-to-wear in 1945. In our modern time, the brand remained under the radar until Vevers stepped down and Anderson replaced him in 2013, giving Loewe the ability to solidify its hold in the luxury market and to keep its image fresh. This is not a new LVMH move: the group repeatedly refreshes luxury houses by appointing young people with exceptional work such as Phoebe Philo for Celine according to High Snobiety. Vevers was the first creative director for Loewe since José Pérez de Rozas and perhaps was appointed because of his success in creating “it” bags but he was unable to garner the kind of ready-to-wear attention that Anderson has. Unlike many other young designers, Anderson has avoided making the brand too “hype.” It is a fashion brand first and foremost with a refined aesthetic, consistency between its men’s and women’s line (he won both best menswear AND womenswear designer in 2015 at the British Fashion Awards) and excellent crossover potential: I see skaters, hip hop idols, and minimalist gals wearing this brand.

It is incredible to me the legacy and deep history of this brand. When you buy from Loewe, you are buying from a brand that once served as “the official suppliers to the Royal Court” of Spain in the early 1900s, according to Heroine’s The Editorial. Loewe was founded around the same time as Hermès and Louis Vuitton, and Enrique’s great-grandson of the same name remarked that if not for the civil war and the isolation caused by the resulting dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, Loewe may have held the same kind of influence as houses like Hermès and Louis Vuitton: “If Pérez de Rozas had lived in Paris, he would be as famous as Christian Dior.”

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