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How To Have All The Clothing You Want But Can’t Afford In Order Of Most Realistic To Least Realistic

1. Google “how can I have everything I want?”

Hope there is some magical cure you’ve somehow never thought of. All the articles will try to get you to spend less. As if. Googling your problems away is the easiest/most realistic option but also the least likely to work (unless you found this post, yay for you!)

2. Get a credit card.

But most likely you already ran all yours up and your credit sucks.

3. Get a sugar daddy.

If there was such a thing as sugar mamas, I would definitely maybe pursue this option.

4. Work in retail.

And become a slave to quotas. Watch yourself as you become more and more cutthroat. Harass your clients with news of sales and begin to hate yourself. Trust no one. Do exactly the same amount of b*tch work as your coworkers, never more or less. All for that sweet sweet clothing allowance.

5. Become an influencer.

And feed (pun intended) on the validation of your followers while robbing them of life satisfaction. You’re an emotional vampire.

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