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My Imparfaite Paris Edit: I Shopped All 135 Pages So You Don’t Have To

My outfit: my outfit was “thrifted” from Buffalo Exchange but you can recreate it with this trench (my trench was originally from Mango), this or this turtleneck (or this Fendi logo turtleneck for some sass), a necklace that is out of stock (similar here), this or this skirt, and the same pair of heels (they’re in stock at Forever 21 still).

Most of the best items from French online vintage seller Imparfaite Paris are the new arrivals. But there are a few gems that I dug up from the 135 page inventory of mostly sold items.

Fashion and beauty industry veterans Ariane De Béchade and Camille Gabbi started Imparfaite in 2017, according to Vogue. Imparfaite means “imperfect” in French and reflects their vision: the founders are dedicated to reducing online fast fashion consumption by providing vintage items that are in style again. They embrace the imperfect for the good of people and the planet. Their mission is to “dust off the vintage and democratize it to make it a real alternative to fast-fashion online,” according to their website. They achieve this mission by partnering with French vintage sellers to source items. They’re also very popular. I have even seen Musier Paris founder, AnneLaure Mais Moreau in one of their garments. I love that Imparfaite feels authentically French. Looking through over 100 pages on their website gave me a real feel for what that “French girl” look is. Plus, I’m OBSESSED with their “search,” “basket,” and “profile” icons. Please, admire with me:

Another thing I love about their ethos is a point that co-founder De Béchade made in an interview with Vogue: “I really think we as shoppers are getting sick of finding the same clothes over and over again, and dressing the same. We are sick of bad-quality clothes that never last too.” I think this is so true. I love many of the most popular items among influencers on Instagram. However, I see everyone wearing them, and I don’t want to feel like a clone. Additionally, unless you have the budget to buy designer, fast fashion often lacks creativity (obviously) and many stores have very similar merchandise. Here’s an opportunity to buy something almost entirely unique and sustainable.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse Dorée” €69

wrap top with mom jeans and espadrilles

This drapey top is the perfect thing to add some sex appeal to a pair of mom jeans. Make it summer with a pair of espadrille Superga sneakers.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse À Volants” €59

White outfit with snakeskin boots

Wear this top with white structured trousers to add balance to the puff sleeves and ruching. A snakeskin boot will give a pop of print. Go full Cupid with matching heart earrings and necklace.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse À Pois” €49

polka dot outfit with hot pink heels

Make a statement by wearing this with a large-polka-dot bottom: maybe a pair of polka dot trousers or a wrap skirt. Pair this with some fun-loving bright-colored sandals. For something more laid back, try it with a satin midi skirt and over a white turtleneck for some winter layering.


Imparfaite Paris “Robe Pastel” €59

silk dress with tee shirt and blazer

Wear over a t-shirt with chunky sneakers for a fuss free ‘fit. If you have more time in the morning, pair with a blazer (like this beautiful grey silk one), tie your hair up with a silk scarf, and finish with no-fuss Superga sneakers.


Imparfaite Paris “Blouse à Fleurs” €49

green blouse with satin midi skirt

Style this with a green floral print skirt and green dancer heels for a monochromatic look. Add some glam with a pearl clip.

brown polka dot dress

Imparfaite Paris “Robe beige à pois boutonnée” €59

brown polka dot dress with doc martens

Wear this dress with a shirt under. A bold collar will peep over the v-neck and add depth. Pair with docs so the outfit won’t be too stuffy. Finish with chunky square sunglasses and a statement bag.

leopard coat

Imparfaite Paris “Veste Détails Léopard” €59

leopard print outfit

Go full leopard print by pairing this with the infamous Réalisation Par skirt. Wear with a simple silk tank under the jacket. Some emerald heels will break up all that animal print nicely. This is a great outfit for getting litty.

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