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I Tried On 4 Reformation Pieces: Here’s How They Fit

I am a big fan of shopping in-store: seeing something on a rack is different than seeing it on a model online. There are often items in-store I’ll select that I might have passed on in the digital world. For example, the item I fell most in love with on this trip is a dress I saw online and never clicked on.

A bright store with cool lighting, green potted plants anchoring the room, cream linen sofas, and perfectly spaced racks (a high-end staple) the Reformation store in the Mission in San Francisco is soothing like a balm to your day. They are tech-forward. You grab what you like and the sales person will place the items back after entering them in an iPad: they start your room digitally. There is no lugging your clothes about. There was a brief wait for my room (3-5 minutes after I was done shopping), but the perk of the online system is that I didn’t have to stand in line: I could lounge on one of the sofas until my name was called.

Once in the room, your items are tucked away in a wardrobe. There is a touchscreen where you can ask for different sizes or browse the inventory and request another item. You can change the lighting (my favorite was “sexy time”). You can even play music on their sound system as they have a cord and the rooms are soundproof. “I can only hear what you play a little bit,” my sales gal confided. I only played music using my phone speaker as they had an aux cord but no dongle for an iPhone, so be sure to bring your dongles, babes! Yes, I’m aware of how awkward that sentence is.

Some info about my body type: I am definitely petite at a cool 5’2″ (5′ 1 1/2″ if I’m being honest). I am a 32 C so I’m average for a small woman. My upper body and lower body are the same size so I don’t have to get different sizes for tops versus bottoms. I don’t have big hips so my hips fall within my shoulders, however, I do have a bit of a butt. I wear a 25 or 26 at Levi’s, an XS with tailoring needs at Madewell, a Small for Réalisation Par, and an XS or 0 at Reformation.

Reformation “Venus Top” $78

The Venus Top was the item I thought I was sure to love. Satin beige things are just my number. However, though this might be good for someone with petite boobs (and though mine are not large), it fit mine a little awkwardly. It was tight in the boobs and loose beneath which may have been intentional but I wasn’t sold on it. My biggest concern, however, was that the straps were too long for me and kept falling off. This may fit better for someone taller.

Reformation “Wyoming Dress” $248

I came in for this dress, and though I think it is absolutely stunning and there were no issues with fit, I realized the A-line midi length is just not my jam. I’ve been eyeing this dress because I originally wanted a square-neck top just like it but it sold out, as is often the case with Reformation. Unfortunately, I love this dress from the waist up.

Reformation “Vivette Dress” $98

This dress had me immediately (I won’t say “had me at hello” cause bleeeh that makes me sick). When you know, you know with clothes. I usually say “don’t ever buy something you’re unsure about in the changing room” and this dress is not that. This was the winner that I passed up on the website. It’s so simple so I didn’t get excited about it. However, seeing this on you is a dream. It’s just so flattering. It’s also a versatile dress: perfect for a super hot day with sandals and perfect for a night out with strappy heels and a glamorous hairdo. It’s very me: almost too sexy for daytime.

Reformation “Rodin Dress” $178

I don’t typically go for wrap dresses. I like to dress like a sex pot and wrap dresses tend to cover up too much for me. Also, I have an average-sized bosom and wrap dresses don’t look as drop dead sexy on me as they do on my well-endowed friends. Reformation has changed my ways! Although I am scared that this will be a risk for me (I don’t wear much color either) and will not quite be my style, I want to take the risk with this dress. I realize that I’m entirely contradicting what I said about the last dress, about not committing to something if you’re unsure in the store.

I think it’s the very low cut and the way it hangs open just a bit that makes me want to risk it: this gives quite a bit of cleavage which I love. And it really cinches in your waist. I wanted to only buy one dress but I’m going to save up for this one as well.

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