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37 Things We Learned From The Orseund Iris Founder’s Recent Interview

My outfit: I’m wearing the Urban Outfitters Square Double Prong Belt $19, and the Forever 21 Knotted Block Heels $28.

Orseund Iris founder, Lana Johnson sat down with Recho Omondi of The Cutting Room Floor podcast in May. Recho, a founder herself of fashion brand Omondi, is responsible for the “niggas” tee famously worn by Issa Rae on HBO show “Insecure.” She has an ability to get coveted fashion people on her show like the Diet Prada creators Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler and A$AP Rocky’s stylist Matthew Henson. I especially enjoy the trap tracks that lead into most episodes (Broke by Ari Lennox and JID was the choice for this episode).

  1. Lana has a twin.
  2. She grew up on Long Island.
  3. The brand is pronounced Or-sinned Eye-riss.
  4. Orsuend is a Nordic name so Orseund is not a real name.
  5. The brand was founded 3 years ago.
  6. They rarely do press.
  7. Lana’s mom had a PR marketing firm and she helped out promoting it which is why she’s good at PR.
  8. Lana went to FIT and did 2 years of the fashion design program. She says what’s important is: does the design work in real life? She’s not sure if she really needed school.
  9. A lot of brands felt “Devil Wears Prada” – mean cultures, so she was tired of working for other companies.
  10. She started out seasonal because it was the status quo with a small investment from her parents.
  11. “I’m not that type of person that can think so much. I like to hone in on one piece, perfect it. Not match it with pants, have something in my wardrobe, knowing it’s supposed to be so versatile… and trying to make a piece that’s iconic instead of trying to do everything.”
  12. The exposed underwire bra top was vintage inspired as everything is from Orseund Iris. She wanted something not so overtly sexy that could be layered with a t-shirt.
  13. She thinks collaborating is great and that designing does not need to be so uptight.
  14. She’s bored by highbrow brands that are posting content that’s not relatable.
  15. The Orseund Iris girl is sporty, feminine, chic, not afraid to be ladylike, down to earth.
  16. No one wanted her wholesale of the first 5-piece collection so she decided to do one-offs and promote them on social media.
  17. Lana did a lot of analyzing data of how people responded to social media posts and items.
  18. She pulled items from her closet that people complimented her on the most and modernized them.
  19. She believes in lending clothing and working with influencers.
  20. Early on she was reaching out to influencers. Then she reached out to Bella Hadid’s people and Bella subsequently wore an item. She’s still dressing celebs: she’s dressed Zoe Kravitz and she wants to dress Lily Rose Depp.
  21. They do their marketing in-house.
  22. They’ve never paid anyone to wear their items.
  23. They have 4 full-time, 3 part-time, and 5 intern employees.
  24. Lana’s a “chicken with their head cut off” kind of manager.
  25. Most of the production is done in the garment district and they’re starting to do things overseas.
  26. They’ve had a lot of interest from every store including store fronts.
  27. The brand’s focus is e-comm, however, and she’s always admired them, so she chose Net-a-Porter.
  28. Her most recent purchase that she loves: a thrifted woven pillow-like stainless steel chair (posted on her Instagram).
  29. A classic album from start to finish that she’ll never get sick of: a Neil Young vinyl.
  30. Current rotation for music: Patsy Cline.
  31. Most exciting person she’s ever seen wearing her stuff: Jorja Smith because she’s an original and she’s performed in it.
  32. The brand she likes right now: Jacquemus, Saks Potts.
  33. Fave color right now: mauve, and red and mauve together (like her limited edition piece).
  34. Where her design process starts: a feeling, a silhouette reference: vintage.
  35. Eventually she wants to make the brand more casual as well.
  36. Her style recipe: her mood dictates what she wears.
  37. She thinks that you should live up to your social media persona.

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