“Ça tombe bien sur toi”

My name is Cameron Smith and this is a French girl fashion blog that breaks all the rules. I care just a little bit less about being perfect on the internet than I used to (mainly cause I’m planning on a freelance career otherwise I’m screwed?). This blog is not for vanilla ladies but I’m also a bit shy… plus I’m a millennial and I’m really not as cool as my gen z friends so it’s not as wild as my favorite rappers get.

Although I am American, I would describe my style as minimalist with a coy sex appeal which happens to be stereotypical French girl style (let’s be honest, not all French women dress like this). I’m all about clothes that “fall nicely” whether or not this is problematic.

As a feminist, there are things about worshipping the French girl fashion aesthetic that bother me. It frustrates me this idea that women are supposed to look beautiful without trying: it’s that whole thing where French women allegedly pretend to wear less makeup than they are wearing or the whole thing (that has subsided recently) where straight-size models act like they eat cheeseburgers. The whole “French Women Don’t Get Fat” book? That’s a problem for so many reasons not to mention fat-shaming. This is not that blog. I feel there are ways to celebrate this style without falling into sexist tropes and creating body image issues. I want this to be a place where we can respect and borrow from the ways some French women dress without buying into ideas that some women are genetically perfect and we will never measure up.

Personally, I wear lots of makeup (I say yes to baking). And I don’t eat to feel good, I eat (and sometimes fail) to try to stay thin. So I definitely don’t accept my body. It’s weird that things have come to this: that the images of women in the media have become so unrealistic that I feel the need to say these personal things to push against that idea. And I only have to say those things because I know that all the pictures I post have purposefully been crafted to give the illusion that these realities aren’t true. I don’t want to have photographic evidence of the parts of me I don’t accept.

This blog is going to be a place where we can indulge in unfettered consumerism (and will mostly ignore the fast fashion conversation – I do recommend watching “The True Cost” for some food for thought), but I will sometimes delve into giving a little insight into and history of fashion houses that are relevant to our sensibilities. And it’s a place for people who love this style regardless of race, size, or gender identity.

I am a Fashion Business Management student and aspiring fashion stylist. On my free time I enjoy shopping (of course), visiting museums and art galleries, discovering nightlife with friends, and listening to music (mainly indie, R&B, and rap). My favorite artist is U.S. Girls. I’m half black half white before people ask. Yes I’m a black girl who mainly follows white French fashion influencers. Problematic? LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.