Author: cameronsmith

On the Street: French-Style Babes IRL

There’s nothing that brings me back to the good ol’ days like a street style post that isn’t filled with editors. There’s something about a real outfit that a person is wearing to actually do things in (unlike me at times) that is so refreshing and different than anything that’s staged. These days, it’s common for people to buy something to wear only for the ‘gram, but these outfits are tested and found to work for real life. Here are some amazing Parisian-style outfits from Berkeley and San Francisco. Don’t beg, it’s unbecoming of a lady: I have all the links you need to recreate these looks. Emma The contrast button trend is sweeping the nation. Emma’s platform sneakers give this look a bit of attitude. She was so sweet though, and she’s from Ireland (because all girls can love French style — although she was surprised that that’s how I categorized her look). Ash Ash was cracking jokes the entire time. Luckily her style is just as effortless. You can never go wrong with …

This Parisian-Chic Item Should Be The Next Thing You Buy

Athleisure has a new face. Leggings have been banished back to the gym, the sweatpant replaces her as athleisure’s brand ambassador. No, you will not wear leggings with heels anymore, instead try a sweatpant with heels. This hardworking item is ready to fill all of your comfort needs while making you look like you are so important that you get a high from making other people do jobs they’re overqualified for. Here’s where to find that perfect 90s-inspired sweatpant.

Bikinis Of Instagram: How To Get My Favorite Influencer Looks

Summer’s heat has been pounding us into the pavement for almost a week here in Northern California and I’m ready to unwrap my body for some summer play. I have not shamed my body into submission this year in preparation for summer, because I think I’m hot the way I am, so all I need is a bikini to bare it all. I want to introduce you to this top… …and this bottom: these are the itsy bits of fabric I can’t wait to get in my hands. Oh so sexy, this bikini is for the fearless. Easy, tiger. You’re probably looking for the bikini that will unleash your inner vixen or re-introduce you to the elegant lady you’ve always been. Here to lift that burden from you, I have compiled my fave influencer bikini posts, with links to where they acquired their suits. Read on and find yourself prepped for your trips to watering holes near and far. Jen Ceballos It wouldn’t be a bikini post without Jen Ceballos on-board. She runs the bikini …