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Bikinis Of Instagram: How To Get My Favorite Influencer Looks

Summer’s heat has been pounding us into the pavement for almost a week here in Northern California and I’m ready to unwrap my body for some summer play. I have not shamed my body into submission this year in preparation for summer, because I think I’m hot the way I am, so all I need is a bikini to bare it all.

I want to introduce you to this top…

…and this bottom: these are the itsy bits of fabric I can’t wait to get in my hands. Oh so sexy, this bikini is for the fearless. Easy, tiger.

You’re probably looking for the bikini that will unleash your inner vixen or re-introduce you to the elegant lady you’ve always been. Here to lift that burden from you, I have compiled my fave influencer bikini posts, with links to where they acquired their suits. Read on and find yourself prepped for your trips to watering holes near and far.

Jen Ceballos

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Mood with @nyudswim

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It wouldn’t be a bikini post without Jen Ceballos on-board. She runs the bikini game on Instagram: her corner of the app is a file stuffed of photos of her melting on the beach. Here she’s wearing this swimsuit.

AnneLaure Mais Moreau

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Bonjour ☀️ @luisaviaroma

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AnneLaure Mais Moreau proves that Burberry print is not only meant to cover up. The retailer she tagged no longer has this available, but I’m guessing she’s wearing the Burberry “Vintage Check Swimsuit” $380.

Elise Marie Louise

Elise Marie Louise takes minimalism to the extreme. This isn’t the exact same top, but it’s similar, and from the same brand.

Here’s the exact bottom.

If you’re into being tied up, this is just the suit for you.

Pernille Teisbaek

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Into the blue💦 @samsoesamsoe

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The Jackie Kennedy of swimsuits, you can pretend you’re genteel in this one. The object of your desire will be pleasantly surprised when they learn of your candor and tendency toward the indecent.

Chinda Phraph

Take the beach to the boardroom look to new heights with this bikini top.

Sasha Mei

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I love when a brand can make a summer garment with winter fabrications. This bikini is in velvet.

Sherrie Webster

Like jeans and a t-shirt, this bikini top and bottom make a timeless pair.

Benthe Marlene Mey Liem

This is the best beach bum I’ve seen all season. Its bff is this bottom (here’s the top).

I Tried On 4 Reformation Pieces: Here’s How They Fit

I am a big fan of shopping in-store: seeing something on a rack is different than seeing it on a model online. There are often items in-store I’ll select that I might have passed on in the digital world. For example, the item I fell most in love with on this trip is a dress I saw online and never clicked on.

A bright store with cool lighting, green potted plants anchoring the room, cream linen sofas, and perfectly spaced racks (a high-end staple) the Reformation store in the Mission in San Francisco is soothing like a balm to your day. They are tech-forward. You grab what you like and the sales person will place the items back after entering them in an iPad: they start your room digitally. There is no lugging your clothes about. There was a brief wait for my room (3-5 minutes after I was done shopping), but the perk of the online system is that I didn’t have to stand in line: I could lounge on one of the sofas until my name was called.

Once in the room, your items are tucked away in a wardrobe. There is a touchscreen where you can ask for different sizes or browse the inventory and request another item. You can change the lighting (my favorite was “sexy time”). You can even play music on their sound system as they have a cord and the rooms are soundproof. “I can only hear what you play a little bit,” my sales gal confided. I only played music using my phone speaker as they had an aux cord but no dongle for an iPhone, so be sure to bring your dongles, babes! Yes, I’m aware of how awkward that sentence is.

Some info about my body type: I am definitely petite at a cool 5’2″ (5′ 1 1/2″ if I’m being honest). I am a 32 C so I’m average for a small woman. My upper body and lower body are the same size so I don’t have to get different sizes for tops versus bottoms. I don’t have big hips so my hips fall within my shoulders, however, I do have a bit of a butt. I wear a 25 or 26 at Levi’s, an XS with tailoring needs at Madewell, a Small for Réalisation Par, and an XS or 0 at Reformation.

Reformation “Venus Top” $78

The Venus Top was the item I thought I was sure to love. Satin beige things are just my number. However, though this might be good for someone with petite boobs (and though mine are not large), it fit mine a little awkwardly. It was tight in the boobs and loose beneath which may have been intentional but I wasn’t sold on it. My biggest concern, however, was that the straps were too long for me and kept falling off. This may fit better for someone taller.

Reformation “Wyoming Dress” $248

I came in for this dress, and though I think it is absolutely stunning and there were no issues with fit, I realized the A-line midi length is just not my jam. I’ve been eyeing this dress because I originally wanted a square-neck top just like it but it sold out, as is often the case with Reformation. Unfortunately, I love this dress from the waist up.

Reformation “Vivette Dress” $98

This dress had me immediately (I won’t say “had me at hello” cause bleeeh that makes me sick). When you know, you know with clothes. I usually say “don’t ever buy something you’re unsure about in the changing room” and this dress is not that. This was the winner that I passed up on the website. It’s so simple so I didn’t get excited about it. However, seeing this on you is a dream. It’s just so flattering. It’s also a versatile dress: perfect for a super hot day with sandals and perfect for a night out with strappy heels and a glamorous hairdo. It’s very me: almost too sexy for daytime.

Reformation “Rodin Dress” $178

I don’t typically go for wrap dresses. I like to dress like a sex pot and wrap dresses tend to cover up too much for me. Also, I have an average-sized bosom and wrap dresses don’t look as drop dead sexy on me as they do on my well-endowed friends. Reformation has changed my ways! Although I am scared that this will be a risk for me (I don’t wear much color either) and will not quite be my style, I want to take the risk with this dress. I realize that I’m entirely contradicting what I said about the last dress, about not committing to something if you’re unsure in the store.

I think it’s the very low cut and the way it hangs open just a bit that makes me want to risk it: this gives quite a bit of cleavage which I love. And it really cinches in your waist. I wanted to only buy one dress but I’m going to save up for this one as well.

My Imparfaite Paris Edit: I Shopped All 135 Pages So You Don’t Have To

My outfit: my outfit was “thrifted” from Buffalo Exchange but you can recreate it with this trench (my trench was originally from Mango), this or this turtleneck (or this Fendi logo turtleneck for some sass), a necklace that is out of stock (similar here), this or this skirt, and the same pair of heels (they’re in stock at Forever 21 still).

Most of the best items from French online vintage seller Imparfaite Paris are the new arrivals. But there are a few gems that I dug up from the 135 page inventory of mostly sold items.

Fashion and beauty industry veterans Ariane De Béchade and Camille Gabbi started Imparfaite in 2017, according to Vogue. Imparfaite means “imperfect” in French and reflects their vision: the founders are dedicated to reducing online fast fashion consumption by providing vintage items that are in style again. They embrace the imperfect for the good of people and the planet. Their mission is to “dust off the vintage and democratize it to make it a real alternative to fast-fashion online,” according to their website. They achieve this mission by partnering with French vintage sellers to source items. They’re also very popular. I have even seen Musier Paris founder, AnneLaure Mais Moreau in one of their garments. I love that Imparfaite feels authentically French. Looking through over 100 pages on their website gave me a real feel for what that “French girl” look is. Plus, I’m OBSESSED with their “search,” “basket,” and “profile” icons. Please, admire with me:

Another thing I love about their ethos is a point that co-founder De Béchade made in an interview with Vogue: “I really think we as shoppers are getting sick of finding the same clothes over and over again, and dressing the same. We are sick of bad-quality clothes that never last too.” I think this is so true. I love many of the most popular items among influencers on Instagram. However, I see everyone wearing them, and I don’t want to feel like a clone. Additionally, unless you have the budget to buy designer, fast fashion often lacks creativity (obviously) and many stores have very similar merchandise. Here’s an opportunity to buy something almost entirely unique and sustainable.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse Dorée” €69

wrap top with mom jeans and espadrilles

This drapey top is the perfect thing to add some sex appeal to a pair of mom jeans. Make it summer with a pair of espadrille Superga sneakers.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse À Volants” €59

White outfit with snakeskin boots

Wear this top with white structured trousers to add balance to the puff sleeves and ruching. A snakeskin boot will give a pop of print. Go full Cupid with matching heart earrings and necklace.

Imparfaite Paris “Blouse À Pois” €49

polka dot outfit with hot pink heels

Make a statement by wearing this with a large-polka-dot bottom: maybe a pair of polka dot trousers or a wrap skirt. Pair this with some fun-loving bright-colored sandals. For something more laid back, try it with a satin midi skirt and over a white turtleneck for some winter layering.


Imparfaite Paris “Robe Pastel” €59

silk dress with tee shirt and blazer

Wear over a t-shirt with chunky sneakers for a fuss free ‘fit. If you have more time in the morning, pair with a blazer (like this beautiful grey silk one), tie your hair up with a silk scarf, and finish with no-fuss Superga sneakers.


Imparfaite Paris “Blouse à Fleurs” €49

green blouse with satin midi skirt

Style this with a green floral print skirt and green dancer heels for a monochromatic look. Add some glam with a pearl clip.

brown polka dot dress

Imparfaite Paris “Robe beige à pois boutonnée” €59

brown polka dot dress with doc martens

Wear this dress with a shirt under. A bold collar will peep over the v-neck and add depth. Pair with docs so the outfit won’t be too stuffy. Finish with chunky square sunglasses and a statement bag.

leopard coat

Imparfaite Paris “Veste Détails Léopard” €59

leopard print outfit

Go full leopard print by pairing this with the infamous Réalisation Par skirt. Wear with a simple silk tank under the jacket. Some emerald heels will break up all that animal print nicely. This is a great outfit for getting litty.

On the Street: French-Style Babes IRL

There’s nothing that brings me back to the good ol’ days like a street style post that isn’t filled with editors. There’s something about a real outfit that a person is wearing to actually do things in (unlike me at times) that is so refreshing and different than anything that’s staged. These days, it’s common for people to buy something to wear only for the ‘gram, but these outfits are tested and found to work for real life.

Here are some amazing Parisian-style outfits from Berkeley and San Francisco. Don’t beg, it’s unbecoming of a lady: I have all the links you need to recreate these looks.


The contrast button trend is sweeping the nation. Emma’s platform sneakers give this look a bit of attitude. She was so sweet though, and she’s from Ireland (because all girls can love French style — although she was surprised that that’s how I categorized her look).

Reformation “Bea Skirt” $148


Ash was cracking jokes the entire time. Luckily her style is just as effortless. You can never go wrong with mom shorts and a t-shirt, though Ash made this look trendier with a twist-front top.


I’m fairly certain this is the Reformation dress I tried on here. I actually saw Samira as I was leaving the Reformation store on Valencia (I had a hunch it might be a good spot for fashionista-catching — not creepy at all — but I couldn’t help but go in too). I forgot where Samira is from, but she’s not American. This post is turning into a commentary on girls with French vibes worldwide.

Moda Operandi Reinhard Plank “Military Straw Hat” $290
Reformation “Vivette Dress” $98
Urban Outfitters Out From Under “Lace Triangle Bralette” $20


This green is so striking. And I love how Kenna paired it with a long-sleeved top. Tassel loafers are not an obvious choice for wearing with a dress and that’s why I love this combination.

Largo Drive Faitfull the Brand “Gizele Midi Dress Linnea Dot Print” $179
Urban Outfitters Dr. Martens “Adrian Tassel Loafer” $130


Because a playsuit is both functional and fun. I’ve noticed that the kind of romper that you might have worn as a child is trending. This one looks like it is a genuine 90s romper, so I recommend thrifting for this item.

Urban Outfitters “UO Emma Floral Romper” $59
Saks Fifth Avenue Vince “Cabria Suede Ankle Boots” $395


Make sure to tie your tee then tuck it. These pants are also the kind I recommend thrifting (Urban Outfitters or Acne Studios are the only retailers/brands I see making these brand new).

What To Wear With My Favorite Things From Reformation’s New Shoe Line

My outfit: I’m wearing the Topshop One-Shoulder Crop Tank $18, Urban Outfitters Square Double Prong Belt $19, and the Forever 21 Knotted Block Heels $28.

Reformation is now making shoes and it feels as though pigs are flying and I have a fairy godmother. Of course, you can’t have a shoe without an outfit (unless you’re a nudist – do you girl), here’s what to pair them with.

The Jeanne Sandal because you wish your name was Jeanne

The summer cardigan look is a favorite of mine at the moment. Make the cardigan match the shoes, make it more sexy by adding some black ripped shorts, and you’ve got an easy outfit for those days when you drank way too much the night before and you want to look like you have your life together.

Reformation “Jeanne Sandal” $158

The Caroline Sandal because this is the 21st century and thongs can be on heels and you can have videos of your shoes

I’m keeping the anklet on this because it gives that beach vibe. A thong heel screams “rich girl” to me so I’ve put this with a khaki tank and cut-out, beach-ready skirt.

Reformation “Caroline Sandal” $198
Style Addict “Lou Top – Khaki” $49.99
My Theresa Rick Owens “Silk-Blend Maxi Skirt” $540

The Belle Flat because you’re a princess duh

I’m in LOVE with the Balenciaga t-shirts right now, so I had to throw this with a bubblegum pink one to match the girliness of these shoes. Some laced leather shorts toughen it up.

Reformation “Belle Flat” $178

37 Things We Learned From The Orseund Iris Founder’s Recent Interview

My outfit: I’m wearing the Urban Outfitters Square Double Prong Belt $19, and the Forever 21 Knotted Block Heels $28.

Orseund Iris founder, Lana Johnson sat down with Recho Omondi of The Cutting Room Floor podcast in May. Recho, a founder herself of fashion brand Omondi, is responsible for the “niggas” tee famously worn by Issa Rae on HBO show “Insecure.” She has an ability to get coveted fashion people on her show like the Diet Prada creators Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler and A$AP Rocky’s stylist Matthew Henson. I especially enjoy the trap tracks that lead into most episodes (Broke by Ari Lennox and JID was the choice for this episode).

  1. Lana has a twin.
  2. She grew up on Long Island.
  3. The brand is pronounced Or-sinned Eye-riss.
  4. Orsuend is a Nordic name so Orseund is not a real name.
  5. The brand was founded 3 years ago.
  6. They rarely do press.
  7. Lana’s mom had a PR marketing firm and she helped out promoting it which is why she’s good at PR.
  8. Lana went to FIT and did 2 years of the fashion design program. She says what’s important is: does the design work in real life? She’s not sure if she really needed school.
  9. A lot of brands felt “Devil Wears Prada” – mean cultures, so she was tired of working for other companies.
  10. She started out seasonal because it was the status quo with a small investment from her parents.
  11. “I’m not that type of person that can think so much. I like to hone in on one piece, perfect it. Not match it with pants, have something in my wardrobe, knowing it’s supposed to be so versatile… and trying to make a piece that’s iconic instead of trying to do everything.”
  12. The exposed underwire bra top was vintage inspired as everything is from Orseund Iris. She wanted something not so overtly sexy that could be layered with a t-shirt.
  13. She thinks collaborating is great and that designing does not need to be so uptight.
  14. She’s bored by highbrow brands that are posting content that’s not relatable.
  15. The Orseund Iris girl is sporty, feminine, chic, not afraid to be ladylike, down to earth.
  16. No one wanted her wholesale of the first 5-piece collection so she decided to do one-offs and promote them on social media.
  17. Lana did a lot of analyzing data of how people responded to social media posts and items.
  18. She pulled items from her closet that people complimented her on the most and modernized them.
  19. She believes in lending clothing and working with influencers.
  20. Early on she was reaching out to influencers. Then she reached out to Bella Hadid’s people and Bella subsequently wore an item. She’s still dressing celebs: she’s dressed Zoe Kravitz and she wants to dress Lily Rose Depp.
  21. They do their marketing in-house.
  22. They’ve never paid anyone to wear their items.
  23. They have 4 full-time, 3 part-time, and 5 intern employees.
  24. Lana’s a “chicken with their head cut off” kind of manager.
  25. Most of the production is done in the garment district and they’re starting to do things overseas.
  26. They’ve had a lot of interest from every store including store fronts.
  27. The brand’s focus is e-comm, however, and she’s always admired them, so she chose Net-a-Porter.
  28. Her most recent purchase that she loves: a thrifted woven pillow-like stainless steel chair (posted on her Instagram).
  29. A classic album from start to finish that she’ll never get sick of: a Neil Young vinyl.
  30. Current rotation for music: Patsy Cline.
  31. Most exciting person she’s ever seen wearing her stuff: Jorja Smith because she’s an original and she’s performed in it.
  32. The brand she likes right now: Jacquemus, Saks Potts.
  33. Fave color right now: mauve, and red and mauve together (like her limited edition piece).
  34. Where her design process starts: a feeling, a silhouette reference: vintage.
  35. Eventually she wants to make the brand more casual as well.
  36. Her style recipe: her mood dictates what she wears.
  37. She thinks that you should live up to your social media persona.

This Parisian-Chic Item Should Be The Next Thing You Buy

Athleisure has a new face. Leggings have been banished back to the gym, the sweatpant replaces her as athleisure’s brand ambassador. No, you will not wear leggings with heels anymore, instead try a sweatpant with heels. This hardworking item is ready to fill all of your comfort needs while making you look like you are so important that you get a high from making other people do jobs they’re overqualified for.

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Can’t we just talk? 📞

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Kaffe og kage med @bellaholst

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rainy friday strolls

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raising kids in the city is tough

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Here’s where to find that perfect 90s-inspired sweatpant.

SSENSE MM6 Maison Margiela “SSENSE Exclusive White Split Lounge Pants” $285
Topshop “90s Oversized Joggers” $48 come in petite and tall
Matches Fashion Balenciaga “Copyright logo track pants” £495
Pretty Little Thing “Ash Grey Casual Jogger” $35
Pretty Little Thing “Black Casual Jogger” $35

How The Instagram Explore Page Changed My Relationship With Fashion

My outfit: I’m wearing the Reformation Honor Top $148, the Urban Outfitters Square Double Prong Belt $19, the Forever 21 Knotted Block Heels $28, a necklace from Buffalo Exchange (similar here) and Urban Outfitters pants that don’t fit right and are out of stock: similar here.

Face frozen in the hovering box of illuminated dust particles, I explored the interests of my teenage self. Fancying myself an edgy lass within the safe confines of my living room, I reblogged one Tumblr male-gaze photo after another: a half naked woman with a gun, a young couple making out in a tossed-up linen bed — photos now so mainstream, they populate Pinterest.

I had many little lives at this time, each interest compartmentalized among different platforms. I’d open a new tab for my Polyvore and then I was a stylist, grabbing photos of garments, newspapers, lips, and mashing them together. Logging into, I gained inspiration for my Polivore life. I hearted photos of outfits, excited by the variety I couldn’t find at school.

Then the internet, like me, went through growing pains. Without meaningful updates to their sites, Tumblr and Polyvore went out of fashion, fashion blogs gained popularity, simultaneously losing their authenticity, and began to resemble the pages of a magazine.

After this fashion wasteland, came the algorithmic Instagram explore page. No longer discombobulated by independent websites, all of your interests could live on one page. Rather than intentionally seeking out inspiration, we became inundated with our addictions when our aspirations were simply to use the search bar. Tapping the bar, your strength fails you and you press “cancel” with a furiousness because, in an emotional fog, you feel a desperation to see exactly what necklace that gingham dress was paired with.

With this constant connectedness to fashion, I have become much better at style (partly because I shop more often), yet felt the clasp of conformity. With Instagram has come the realization that you are not unique. As a high school student, I found myself reaching for all of the things that were different than my classmates, because they were more “fashion-forward” and not many others were into that. This need for difference became part of my identity, so imagine my shock at realizing that I now want the same vintage Fendi bag and Orseund Iris top as everyone else.